Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao

The perfect location of Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao

B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao is located on the street Kaya Adriátiko in the tourist area Jan Thiel. Jan Thiel is a popular vacation resort and in this blog you can read why this area of Curaçao is so popular!

Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel beach is a beautiful beach located in Jan Thiel. The large beach is a two-minute walk from B&B Hibiscus Beach House. Jan Thiel Beach has much to offer. For the sporty holidaymakers there are beach tennis courts and you can snorkel beautifully in the sea. You can also learn to dive at Dive Center Scuba Do. At the beach are several stores where you can shop. There are also several restaurants and beach clubs where you can eat a snack or have a drink. Are you in for a party during your vacation? Then you must be at Zanzibar on Saturday at 17:00! Then the biggest Happy Hour of Curaçao will start with a DJ and live music!

The East of Curaçao

In the east of Curaçao you can do many activities. Since this is also within walking distance of the B & B we would like to tell you more about it! For example, you can surf or windsurf on the Spanish Water at Windsurfing Curaçao. You can also snorkel at Tugboat Beach to admire the sunken boat. Here swim the most beautiful fish! Before you go to Tugboat Beach, stop at Fort Beekenburg to see this beautiful fort and to enjoy the beautiful view. Don't like snorkeling but would like to see the Tugboat? On the Caracas Bay you can rent a transparent canoe and canoe to the Tugboat. Through the transparent canoe you can see all the beautiful fish and the sunken boat!


With the bus to Willemstad center

Would you rather not rent a car on the island, but you still want a day trip to the center of Willemstad? No problem! There is a bus stop right outside the door of B&B Hibiscus Beach House. Traveling by bus is easy and you see a lot of the area! The bus goes once an hour to Willemstad. For two guilders the bus will take you from Jan Thiel to the center of Willemstad.

Catering in Jan Thiel

The district of Jan Thiel is rich in restaurants with international and local food. So you can eat on the beach at Zanzibar, Tiinto, Koko's or Zest. In addition, you can also eat at the Caracas Bay, at The Pier and Pops Place. This is also within walking distance of B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao. Do you just not feel like eating out, but rather get something easy? This can include the FrietBoetiek on Jan Thiel Beach or Donny's Curaçao. This is a Truk'i Pan opposite the B&B.


Despite the many restaurants and bars in Jan Thiel, it is also nice to be able to do some shopping. Supermarket van den Tweel, better known as the Albert Heijn, is two minutes' walk from the B & B. Ideal for a quick grocery shopping in the house to get!

Safety on Jan Thiel Curaçao

Jan Thiel is known as one of the safest regions on the island. This part of the island is well guarded by Jan thiel Security. The name says it all: this company is dedicated to the safety of this region. So you don't have to worry about your safety during the day or at night!

We think the B&B is perfectly situated on the island so you can optimally enjoy your vacation in the ideal environment.
The most delicious breakfast at Curaçao.


How do you like to start your day? A piece of fresh bread, a croissant, fresh fruit and a delicious cup of coffee or tea to wake up. At B&B Hibiscus Beach House we can arrange a full breakfast to start your day off well!

Always fresh!

Every morning we drive to Bakery De Zon to get fresh rolls for all our guests. De Zon Bakery is the best bakery on the island and bakes fresh bread every day.


For all coffee lovers, a nice cup of coffee may not be missing! That's why we have the best coffee made from coffee beans. What do you prefer? Black coffee, café latte or would you rather have a cappuccino? Do you prefer something else? We always serve a delicious fresh juice, good for the vitamins!


Enough choice

Breakfast is very extensive every day. The table is always full of delicious products. Crackers, gingerbread, fresh rolls with fillings, yoghurt with homemade granola, fresh fruit and much more! We always ask in advance for everyone's wishes or allergies. We take these into account. So you can be sure that a breakfast that suits you is served.

Varied breakfast

Every morning is different at B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao. Diana always gets up early to serve the guests a delicious breakfast. Every morning it is a surprise what Diana is preparing for all guests. One day she makes a fried egg or a scrambled egg. The next day she makes fresh waffles with fruit and powdered sugar. The banana pancakes or pumpkin pancakes are scrumptious, not to mention the delicious cakes or homemade jam. Sometimes she makes fresh croissants or cooks an egg. Breakfast is served with great enthusiasm.


Stay without breakfast

Would you rather have breakfast outside? Of course, it is also possible to book your stay without breakfast. In that case you only book the room without breakfast.

But of course, you don't want to miss this delicious breakfast! You can have breakfast from 8 to 10 in the breakfast room under the palapa. Since Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao is a small-scale bed and breakfast in Curaçao, the breakfast room is cozy and pleasant. The breakfast room is in the tropical garden of the B&B. The ideal place to just wake up!



The five most beautiful beaches in the West of Curaçao according to B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao

Curaçao has at least 37 beautiful beaches. If you are in Curaçao for a week or ten days, it is almost impossible to visit every beach in Curaçao. Therefore, Hibiscus Beach House makes it easy for you! In this blog you can read which beaches are the most fun to visit according to Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao!

1. Playa Porto Mari
Playa Porto Mari is our favorite beach. The beach is very beautiful because of the white sand and clear, blue water. On the beach is a company that offers diving facilities, so it is possible to dive here. Don't have a diving license? You can also snorkel at this beach! At the beach there is a restaurant and a bar. It is very nice to have a drink or something to eat. We really recommend this beach to visit!


2. Playa Cas Abao
The wide, spacious beach Cas Abao is definitely worth a visit! Most bays on Curaçao are situated between two rocks, making the beach sometimes a bit small. At Cas Abao this is not the case! The beach is very spacious. According to National Geographic, Cas Abao is the fourth most beautiful beach in the world. The beach is the perfect place for snorkeling or diving. At the beach is a restaurant that is open every day.

3. Grote Knip
The Grote Knip is a very popular beach for both tourists and locals. We understand why this is the case! The beach is a wide beach with white sand and clear blue water. Grote Knip is one of the few beaches where you do not have to pay an entrance fee. This makes it often very busy, so to get a spot on the beach you have to be there on time! Unfortunately the beach has no restaurant. There is a snack bar where you can buy some snacks.

4. Playa Lagun
Playa Lagun is a beautiful small fishing beach on Curaçao. The beach is situated between two rocks. The rocks provide an impressive underwater life. You can snorkel and dive here! Playa Lagun is therefore definitely in our top five most beautiful beaches in the west of Curaçao. On the rocks is a restaurant. You can eat here and have a drink. From the restaurant you have a nice view of the beautiful bay and the Caribbean Sea.


5. Playa Kalki
Playa Kalki is the westernmost beach in Curaçao. It is in our opinion one of the most picturesque beaches of Curaçao. Again, the water is clear blue. Because of the rocks you can do beautiful diving and snorkeling. At the resort of Kura Hulanda you can eat something or have a drink. At this beach there is no restaurant, but you can buy some food at the snack bar. The beach is slightly less easy to reach than the others. From the parking lot you first have to go down a steep staircase.

When you stay with us we just like to share all kinds of information about the beautiful island. We will give you all kinds of tips and share our experiences!


All about Willemstad

Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao and takes up a quarter of the island. In Willemstad live about 140,000 residents. If you're on Curaçao, it's worth a visit to the center of this colorful city! In this blog we tell you the best activities to do in Willemstad.


Restaurants in Willemstad

In Willemstad you can find many restaurants. The restaurants serve both local food and international food. Many restaurants are in Pietermaai, but there are also plenty of nice restaurants to find in Otrobanda or Punda!

Street Art

In the districts Scharloo, Punda and Otrobanda you will find the most beautiful Street Art of Curaçao. The houses and other buildings are beautifully painted by various artists. We recommend walking along the different murals. Want a little more background information about all the art? Then book a dushiwalk! The guide takes you to beautiful places in the neighborhoods and tells all kinds of interesting information about the artworks.


Queen Emma Bridge and the Handelskade

One of the most popular attractions of Curaçao is the Queen Emma Bridge. The Queen Emma Bridge is also called the pontoon bridge. It is the only floating wooden swing bridge in the world, which makes this bridge so unique!


The bridge connects the districts of Punda and Otrobanda with each other. When you walk on the Pontjesbrug you feel the movement and the waves of the water. From the Pontjesbrug you have a beautiful view of the Handelskade of Punda, the Brionplein of Otrobanda and the Riffort and Fort Amsterdam.

When a ship leaves or enters the harbor, the bells ring. This means that the bridge will open. This can take ten minutes, but it can also take 45 minutes. Fortunately, the ferry takes people from Punda to Otrobanda and vice versa for free.

When it begins to get dusk in Willemstad, the colored lights on the bridge turn on. The illuminated arches on the bridge make up 270 meters of LED strips. The arches constantly change color. A party to watch!

Stores In Punda you can find many stores where you can buy brand name clothing, but there are also local stores with local clothing. If you walk through the small streets of Punda, you will find some nice boutiques. There is something for everyone!

Also, at the Renaissance Mall and Rif Fort you can store well. In these places are many stores that sell brand clothing. The clothing is slightly more expensive, but the quality is very good!

Kura Hulanda Museum

The Kura Hulanda Museum is located at the port of Willemstad in Otrobanda. This is close to the center of Willemstad. The museum stands on the exact spot where Dutch entrepreneurs traded and shipped enslaved Africans along with other commercial goods.

The museum documents the history of slavery, West African empires, pre-Columbian gold and Antillean art. Very interesting to visit as far as we are concerned!