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The Best Truk'i Pan's (Food Trucks) of Curaçao

In Curaçao it is very common to grab a bite to eat at a Truk'i pan after a night out. They are also everywhere along the road here and are often only open from 9 pm. This blog is good to read for people who love a late night snack, as it lists the best truk'i pan's!


BBQ Expres
BBQ Express has been known for years as one of the best truk'i pans on the island. That's why it's worth stopping by, on Caracas Bay Road, for some great snacking. Literally everything you get your hands on to eat here, tastes good! BBQ Express is open from 9 p.m.

Fridays is across the street from BBQ Express. This is where the hair salons are the tastiest! So do you know the hair salons from Holland and really feel like it? Go ahead and eat the most delicious hair salons at Fridays. Fridays is also open from 9 pm.

Batido trucks
Everywhere on the island there are trucks selling batidos. Batidos are fruit shakes. Often you can choose which fruits are allowed in it. You can choose to have it with milk and sugar. Many batido trucks also serve coconut and ice cream. Many batido trucks do not have a name.

The Fruit Truck of Asis
Another truk'i pan that sits on Caracas Bay Road is Asis' Fruit Truck. This is the healthier version of a truk'i pan. It sells spotty fresh fruit, ripe avocados, creamy smoothies and the perfect thirst quencher on a hot day: coconut juice. The coconut is cut a straw in front of you and when you finish it, it's cut open and you get a delicious scoop of coconut ice cream.


The green batido truck
Although batido trucks often do not have a name, if you ask for the "green batido truck", everyone will point you the way to the Caracas Bay Road. This truck also serves arepas (stuffed buns, a specialty from Venezuela) and other local delicacies.

Flippin' Curaçao
You guessed it... pancakes!!! Flippin' Curaçao makes the most delicious pancakes combined with the tastiest flavors. And that... at different locations! It's a pop-up Foodtruck, which means you'll have to check the Facebook page to see where it will be again today.

Grill station Chip Sigi
Another place for a good late night snack is Grill station Chip Sigi on Santa Rosa Road. With the tastiest batata (fries), Stoba Kabritu (stewed goat meat), pork chops or Lomito. More information can also be found with them on their Facebook page.

For even more tips, ask Diana when staying!separation

Shopping for lunch?

At Hibiscus you can only have breakfast, so it is also useful to know where you can do your shopping for lunch. This is of course a lot cheaper than going to a restaurant for lunch every day. That's why Hibiscus made a list of the best supermarkets in the area.

Mangusa Hypermarket
If you are looking for a store where they really have everything, Mangusa Hypermarket is the place to go. They have everything from laundry baskets to ham and cheese here. It can be compared to the Sligro of the Netherlands. What you can imagine is that it is a very large store. The prices are very inexpensive. With a fresh butcher's department, this is the perfect supermarket to shop for a barbecue.

Opening hours:
Mon-Do 08:00 - 19:00
Fri-Sun 08:00 - 20:00
Sunday 08:30 - 13:00


Centrum Supermarket
If you want to visit a slightly smaller supermarket where you still have a lot, the best place to go is Centrum Supermarkt. There are 2 branches of this. Centrum Mahaai is closer to Hibiscus Beachhouse, but at Centrum Piscadera the assortment is a bit larger! The products are of good quality and the prices are comparable to those of the supermarkets in the Netherlands.

Opening hours
Mon-Sat: 7:30 - 20:00
Sunday: 7:30 - 17:00

Shopping Mall Sambil is home to the newest addition (2019) to the island, Carrefour. The French supermarket chain is known for its diversity and quality of products. To put together a cheese board with a good bottle of white wine, Carrefour is the place to be.

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 07:30 - 20:30
Sunday 09:00 - 19:00

Van Den Tweel
The preference of the real Dutchmen remains the Albert Heijn. Good thing they also have the Albert Heijn on Curaçao, only here it is called Van Den Tweel. Because the Dutch products have to be imported, the prices are just a bit higher. Van Den Tweel also has two locations: Jan Thiel and Zeelandia.

Opening hours:
Jan Thiel
Mon-Sun: 08:00 - 21:00

Mon-Sun: 7:30 - 20:30


Another supermarket that meets Dutch expectations is Vreugdenhil. Among other things, Vreugdenhil sells the house brand Spar and also has a free shuttle bus service to and from all resorts on Jan Thiel and Seaquarium and marinas. Handy for tourists!

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 08:00-20:00
Sunday 08:00-13:00

Chinese supermarkets
On Curaçao there are many Chinese supermarkets. Most of them are very small, you can always go here if you just need one thing for dinner or lunch, but real shopping is better done here.

Luna Park Maxi Market
There is one Chinese toko that is close to Hibiscus and very large. This is Luna Park Maxi Market. It has an extensive selection and very competitive prices. And what is also convenient is that they are open until late at night. Ideal if you need something late at night.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 06:30 - 22:00
Saturday 07:00 - 22:00
Sunday 08:00 - 22:00


Curaçao's best boat trips!


Mermaid Boat Trips: Klein Curaçao
The most famous boat trip is of course the trip to Klein Curaçao. Because at Klein Curaçao you just have to have been there once. The extremely blue sea and the sand that feels like carpet is not the only thing great about this island. There are also several attractions to visit. Hibiscus has a partnership with Mermaid Boat Trips (MBT). MBT offers a boat trip to Klein Curaçao. MBT has the only beach house here with a covered patio with picnic tables and chilled drinks. At noon they also offer a delicious buffet.

Irie Tours: west coast boat trip
Every Thursday, Irie Tours sails along the west coast of Curaçao. Irie Tours offers a combo of boat and bus. During the boat trip there are several stops. The first stop is at Porto Marie Beach, where you can do great snorkeling and watch the pigs swimming and playing on the shore. After this stop, the boat leaves for Cas Abao. This is known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao. While you explore the area, a lunch buffet will be prepared for you. After lunch the boat leaves for the blue room. This is a cave that can only be reached by sea. The cave is colored blue by the sea water and the sun. Visiting the cave is guided by the crew of the boat.

From the boat you can enjoy the view of the coast, beautiful seaside villas and our beautiful beaches such as, Lagun Beach, Jeremi Beach, Kenepa (knip) beach and Playa Forti. Eventually the boat reaches Playa Kalki were the tour bus is waiting for you.


BlueFinn: 3-in-1 snorkeling trip
A boat trip along the 3 most beautiful snorkel locations on the east coast of Curaçao? This is possible with BlueFinn. The first place we sail to is the open sea. Here you see the overgrown wreck of a sailboat surrounded by colorful fish. The second spot is at tugboat beach in Caracas Bay, here you will see the famous tugboat. This 9-meter-long wreck is covered with coral and sponges and surrounded by schools of colorful fish. At the last snorkeling spot, lunch will be served. This is at the pier in Caracas Bay. In shallow water, you can swim among an abundance of fish, coral and other marine life. You can even go under the pier to see different formations of hard and soft corals.

If you love to party nice and ordinary and you haven't heard of Fuik, then you are really missing something! Fuik is the ultimate boat party that returns every Sunday. The boats leave at noon and around 6 p.m. you will return to the departure point. There are several organizations that leave for the same place, so no matter which organization you go with, you'll get to the most fun boat party of the week anyway! You can book with the following organizations:

  • Zonnig & Sappig
  • Paranda Boattrips
  • Curalectro

Enjoying the local cuisine of Curaçao

Who wouldn't want to enjoy the local cuisine of Curaçao? Hibiscus wants to help you do just that. We have listed the best local restaurants, with the dishes they are known for. So you can taste everything


De Gouverneur
The Governor
The restaurant de Gouverneur is located in Otrobanda, a neighborhood in Willemstad. When you sit at the Gouverneur you have the best view of the Handelskade. So you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner here while watching all the boats passing by.

The Governor is known for its "Keshi Yena" (see opposite). This is cheese stuffed with chicken, prunes, pickled onions and olives.

The other dish is the Cuban Banana Soup. As the name suggests, this is a soup made from bananas. It sounds very crazy, but the locals love it!


Pop's Place
Another restaurant near Hibiscus Beach House is Pop's Place. It is located on the Caracas Bay. It is a quiet spot with a nice view. Pop's Place is known for its stobas. This is an Antillean stew. You can order it with different kinds of meat. For example, it can be with beef (karni/stewed meat), chicken (stewed chicken) and goat (stewed goat). What's also nice for some people is that Pop's Place has its own lobster aquarium. That often means that the seafood dishes are quite delicious!


The Visserij
The name of the Fisheries actually says it all. So what is the Fisheries known for? FISH. The Fisheries is open Friday through Monday from 12pm to 9pm. The fish is caught fresh, so the choices decrease a bit as the day goes on. That's why Hibiscus recommends getting there around 4 p.m.. That way you'll still have plenty of choices!


Purunchi is a similar restaurant to Fisheries. It doesn't really have a menu. You basically just get to eat here what was caught that day. The plate shows the most caught fish. Purunchi is a restaurant with a living room feel.

Landhuis Dokterstuin
Landhouse Dokterstuin is located on the Weg naar Westpunt. This country house was built on the spot where the grounds of an Indian village used to be. When you go to visit this country house you can also soak up some history.


Landhuis Dokterstuin is known for its local cuisine and in particular, the cod.

Would you like to eat at one of these restaurants? Let Diana know and she will make a reservation for you!


Curaçao's best happy hours in a row, who wouldn't want that?

Hibiscus wants you to intensely enjoy your vacation on Curaçao. And how can you do that without going to the best happy hours on the island? Therefore Hibiscus has listed the best happy hours per day.

The first day of the week...Monday...that's Curaçao's day of rest. There are almost no happy hours on the island and this day is best used to go out for dinner or something similar.

Tuesday: Bar P (Pietermaai)
Every Tuesday there is a happy hour here from 21h to 22h + if you enter before 22h you get free entry, after 22h you have to pay 10 guilders for this. In addition, on Tuesdays there are often fun promotions. So you have wheel spinning or they hand out free shots.

Wednesday: Madero and Cabana (Mambo Beach)
Madero Ocean Club
Madero always makes it a fun night on Wednesdays. Always with a theme, so you have the theme circus, casino, jukebox, Halloween etc. The happy hour is from 9pm to 10pm.

Cabana Beach
At Cabana Beach you can enjoy the live music of Gino and Friends from 8pm, interspersed with DJ Alain and sometimes a guest like Moon and Snelle. Happy hour here is from 8pm to 9pm.

Thursday: Nieuwestraat day (Pietermaai)
Thursday is Curaçao's Nieuwestraat day. Nieuwestraat is all about the party atmosphere on Thursday. This is of course fun to visit.


Bar P
Thursday is Red Cup Thursday at Bar P. From 9 p.m. you can buy a Red Cup for 25 guilders, here you also get a band to enter. With the Red Cup you can get unlimited drinks until 10 pm. After 10 p.m. the rest may enter without Red Cup for the normal entrance fee, 10 guilders.

Mr. Porter
Mr. Porter is also a great place to be on Thursday nights. There is a happy hour from 5pm to 6pm and the fun doesn't stop until 2am.

Mundo Bizarro
A little further down the street is Mundo Bizarro. This is a cozy bar with salsa night with live music on Thursday nights. Already feeling like dancing the salsa? It opens at 8:30 p.m. Even if you can't dance it's nice to sit here on the terrace.

Another fun place to go on Thursday nights is Mojito's. This is a 5-minute walk from Hibiscus. Mojito's is known for its salsa night with a DJ every Thursday night. You can go here every Thursday from 9pm to 1am. Before you start dancing...happy hour is from 9pm to 10pm.

Friday: Mambo Beach
A cozy evening of happy hour to happy hour, you can do that on Friday night at Mambo Beach. Several joints offer happy hour.

Chill Beach
A good combination of delicious drinks and Latin music. The DJ warms your heart with Latin vibes. From 5 pm to 6 pm you get your drinks for half price during happy hour.

Bonita Beach
Fast forward to the next happy hour. From 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. is the happy hour at Bonita Beach. Here you get all drinks for a modified price, including soft drinks. Keep hydrating!


Wet & Wild
From 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., the baton is passed to Wet & Wild. The happy hour is properly introduced with the best music. The rest of the evening will stay fun and dance here with your feet in the sand to the music of the fun party DJ.

Madero Ocean Club
After Wet & Wild you have some time to eat somewhere quiet, but after that you really have to go to Madero. Madero also has a Friday night party. From 10 pm to 11 pm there is a happy hour, where you get two drinks for the price of one. And often with fun artists like freddy moreira or the opposites.

Saturday: Zanzi
Saturday is all about Zanzibar. After a lazy afternoon at Jan Thiel Beach, you can enjoy the happy hour at 17h. Not only do you get two drinks for the price of one, you also get a bucket of ice to keep the drinks cold. Halfway through the evening, a live band will come by and a DJ will spin the best records after that until midnight.

Sunday: Mambo Beach
From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. there is happy hour at Wet & Wild again, also on Sundays this continues until the late hours. And this goes the same for Madero, from 10pm to 11pm happy hour and after the happy hour continues until the late hours. After all, Monday is rest day.


Hidden beaches on Curaçao

The popular beaches like Mambo, Jan Thiel Beach, Cas Abao, Porto Marie, Grote Knip and more... we all know, but Curaçao has many more beautiful beaches. Beaches that can be reached via a dirt road are therefore also quiet. It literally feels there as if you are alone in the world. This blog is the first part of the series; San Juan.


A few things are important to take care of before heading out. Downloading the app Maps.Me can come in handy when you lose your way and as route support (definitely do it!). The app looks a lot like Google Maps, but works better than Google Maps in Curaçao. On the app, you can download the map of Curaçao. Occasionally it will look a bit like a safari along the way. Very tough, but that's why it's important to have a car that can withstand inferior roads. Such a car can be rented at Hibiscus Beach House.

Route to the first two beaches:

  • Drive the main road towards the village of Soto, at some point you can turn left onto a dirt road. Go up that road. This is where the route begins.
  • Start driving out on the dirt road. Halfway down the dirt road, you will pass an entrance, there you must pay a small amount in guilders to the people who provide maintenance to the grounds. Take cash with you then.
  • After prosecuting the dirt road, you drive through a small piece of forest. When you see this, you know you are driving well.
  • At the next point, you can go straight or right, drive in the right direction.
  • You will come to a point with name signs (Manzalina and Hundu). These are the first beaches of the route.

Every beach in this blog has the prettiness you expect, but of course, there are always preferences. Surely this beach is my preference because it is big enough to get away with a club, but small enough to have that wonderful feeling of leaving the world behind.


This little beach is the neighbor girl of Manzalina. It is a slightly smaller beach where you can still have a good time. The view is very nice and the beach does really give you that feeling of leaving the world behind.

  • With a return at the first choice point, drive in the other direction (right).
  • Next choice point. To the right go toward Shon Mosa and to the left go toward Largu.


Shon Mosa
Shon Mosa is a beach very similar to Hundu. Look for the differences! The first picture shows Hundu and the second Shon Mosa.

Largu is the largest beach of all San Juan Beaches. This is definitely worth a look, but really fun to visit only if you go diving.


There are a lot of rocks, so you really need water shoes to get into the water. In addition, there is little to no lounging area.

After a day of getting out and about, you can have a great dinner at Doctor's Garden Country House.

Enjoy your day!




Snorkeling on Curaçao

Curaçao is known for its beautiful underwater world. If you haven't heard about it in your neighborhood back home, you'll hear about it on the island itself and otherwise on the Internet. To support you in snorkeling on Curaçao, Hibiscus has put together a list of places that are less popular for snorkeling. Read on!

Mambo Beach

Mambo Beach is known for its fun, but here you can also snorkel very well. You won't easily encounter big fish, but you will find many kinds of small fish. So you have bright blue fish swimming here, but also striped fish. In addition, you will see many sea urchins sitting on the rock wall. After an afternoon of snorkeling, you can enjoy the best view of the sunset, with a delicious Brasa in your hand.


Kokomo Beach (Bullen Bay)

To visit this beach you do need a car. Kokomo beach is very popular among tourists. It is a small beach, which gives it a nice atmosphere. There is a small diving school where you can rent equipment for diving and snorkeling. This is recommended, and also here there is the possibility to enjoy the sunset with a Brasa. There is a restaurant.

Tugboat Beach

Tugboat Beach is a slightly more remote spot on Curaçao. Despite that, it is easy to reach. The name of the beach says it all; at the bottom of the sea lies a tugboat. If you swim a little further from the beach, you will automatically encounter the anchor with the chain to the boat. It's quite a swim, so going with someone is recommended.

Playa Lagun

Playa Lagun is a beach located between two rocks. Because of the rocks, it has an impressive view of the Caribbean Sea and the marine life is great to see. Worth going snorkeling or diving here!

Playa Kalki

The beach (the underwater world) is known as "Alice In Wonderland". At this beach, the underwater world is so beautiful that it is also known as Alice in Wonderland. This underwater world contains hundreds of fish and large coral formations.

Daaibooi Beach

Daaibooi Beach is a well-known beach among locals, but not quite so among tourists. As a result, it is a fairly quiet beach. It is possible to rent a bed for 10 naf, of which you get 5 naf back when you return the bed (this applies to the white beds, not the black ones). The underwater world contains giant elkhorn coral, emperor fish, parrot fish, brain coral, and trumpet fish.

Already curious about these snorkeling spots? Book with Hibiscus and let us tell you all about the island. The best spots to snorkel, the lesser-known beaches, and everything you wonder.


Enjoy the most beautiful city tour by Dundutours!


Curaçao contains the most beautiful places to see Street Art. For example, you have the neighborhoods of Scharloo, Punda, and Otrobanda where the buildings are beautifully painted by different artists. Our friend Jacqueline offers Dundutours through several neighborhoods of Willemstad. Jacqueline takes you to beautiful places in the neighborhoods and tells you all kinds of interesting information. Our intern has walked along with a Dundutour. She will tell you all about her experience with Dundu.

At 9 am we had to gather at Fort Amsterdam in Punda. This is where our walk started. During this walk, we walked past different locations in the districts of Punda, Scharloo, and Fleur de Marie. At each location, Jacqueline had something to tell about the history of Curaçao, the neighborhood, or the location. Super interesting!

Some fun facts I found out on this walk:
When the governor's flag of distinction is flying, the governor is present on the island
Curaçao contains a lot of alleys with murals...
In these alleys are also often found the bars where the men of the island can go for a drink

I won't tell you too much further, because then it won't be fun for you at all, of course. Take part in such a walk and find out the fun facts about Curaçao!

Through Hibiscus it is possible to book a walk!


Are you an active traveler in Curaçao? Read on!

This blog is for the active travelers among us! Have you ever climbed Curaçao's Table Mountain?
Hereby I will tell you a bit more.

Why is Table Mountain called Table Mountain? Because it is a flattened hill. In other words, as flat as a table, only 240 meters high ??. In the past, this mountain was excavated to extract phosphates, a kind of preservative. Nowadays, the hill is excavated for high-quality limestone and building sand. The method they practice for this is the "hollow molar. This involves; excavating the inside of the mountain so that the view of the outside of the mountain remains the same.

Another fun fact is that the island's first railroad line was built to transport goods from Table Mountain to the port at Fuikbaar near Nieuwpoort (1874). But why is it so much fun to climb this mountain?

Well, have you seen the view?

Using the hiking trips of Rock Climbing Curaçao (RCC), you can climb this mountain. The start and end of the hike are at RCC's store, near the gate of Santa Barbara Plantation. You can go on the hike without a guide, but at the store, you have to get a ticket of US$65 (65 US Dollars) if you go with a group of people or if you go alone for US$125 (125 US Dollars). Plan a day for it and start early in the morning as the heat is still manageable then.

There are 2 options for hiking trips. The first option is the longest (4 km estimated distance) hike all the way to the far east of the north face. The other option is the somewhat shorter (2.8 km estimated distance) hike. This hike does include a steep terrain section of about 30 minutes to reach the base of the wall. For those who want to skip the part to the mountain skirt, other means of transportation are available (bicycles, car rides).

A number of tips:
Bring a liter of water with you
Wear sports and hiking shoes with good socks
Wear sun protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, etc.)
Take some food with you
Stay on the path
You may encounter some cacti, watch out for these
Respect nature
Watch your trash

The following links may come in handy:
Hiking: https://rockclimbingcuracao.com/hiking-trips-in-curacao/
Climbing: https://rockclimbingcuracao.com/curacao-rock-climbing-guided-tours/


The perfect location of Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao

B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao is located on the street Kaya Adriátiko in the tourist area Jan Thiel. Jan Thiel is a popular vacation resort and in this blog you can read why this area of Curaçao is so popular!

Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel beach is a beautiful beach located in Jan Thiel. The large beach is a two-minute walk from B&B Hibiscus Beach House. Jan Thiel Beach has much to offer. For the sporty holidaymakers there are beach tennis courts and you can snorkel beautifully in the sea. You can also learn to dive at Dive Center Scuba Do. At the beach are several stores where you can shop. There are also several restaurants and beach clubs where you can eat a snack or have a drink. Are you in for a party during your vacation? Then you must be at Zanzibar on Saturday at 17:00! Then the biggest Happy Hour of Curaçao will start with a DJ and live music!

The East of Curaçao

In the east of Curaçao you can do many activities. Since this is also within walking distance of the B & B we would like to tell you more about it! For example, you can surf or windsurf on the Spanish Water at Windsurfing Curaçao. You can also snorkel at Tugboat Beach to admire the sunken boat. Here swim the most beautiful fish! Before you go to Tugboat Beach, stop at Fort Beekenburg to see this beautiful fort and to enjoy the beautiful view. Don't like snorkeling but would like to see the Tugboat? On the Caracas Bay you can rent a transparent canoe and canoe to the Tugboat. Through the transparent canoe you can see all the beautiful fish and the sunken boat!


With the bus to Willemstad center

Would you rather not rent a car on the island, but you still want a day trip to the center of Willemstad? No problem! There is a bus stop right outside the door of B&B Hibiscus Beach House. Traveling by bus is easy and you see a lot of the area! The bus goes once an hour to Willemstad. For two guilders the bus will take you from Jan Thiel to the center of Willemstad.

Catering in Jan Thiel

The district of Jan Thiel is rich in restaurants with international and local food. So you can eat on the beach at Zanzibar, Tiinto, Koko's or Zest. In addition, you can also eat at the Caracas Bay, at The Pier and Pops Place. This is also within walking distance of B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao. Do you just not feel like eating out, but rather get something easy? This can include the FrietBoetiek on Jan Thiel Beach or Donny's Curaçao. This is a Truk'i Pan opposite the B&B.


Despite the many restaurants and bars in Jan Thiel, it is also nice to be able to do some shopping. Supermarket van den Tweel, better known as the Albert Heijn, is two minutes' walk from the B & B. Ideal for a quick grocery shopping in the house to get!

Safety on Jan Thiel Curaçao

Jan Thiel is known as one of the safest regions on the island. This part of the island is well guarded by Jan thiel Security. The name says it all: this company is dedicated to the safety of this region. So you don't have to worry about your safety during the day or at night!

We think the B&B is perfectly situated on the island so you can optimally enjoy your vacation in the ideal environment.
The most delicious breakfast at Curaçao.


How do you like to start your day? A piece of fresh bread, a croissant, fresh fruit and a delicious cup of coffee or tea to wake up. At B&B Hibiscus Beach House we can arrange a full breakfast to start your day off well!

Always fresh!

Every morning we drive to Bakery De Zon to get fresh rolls for all our guests. De Zon Bakery is the best bakery on the island and bakes fresh bread every day.


For all coffee lovers, a nice cup of coffee may not be missing! That's why we have the best coffee made from coffee beans. What do you prefer? Black coffee, café latte or would you rather have a cappuccino? Do you prefer something else? We always serve a delicious fresh juice, good for the vitamins!


Enough choice

Breakfast is very extensive every day. The table is always full of delicious products. Crackers, gingerbread, fresh rolls with fillings, yoghurt with homemade granola, fresh fruit and much more! We always ask in advance for everyone's wishes or allergies. We take these into account. So you can be sure that a breakfast that suits you is served.

Varied breakfast

Every morning is different at B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao. Diana always gets up early to serve the guests a delicious breakfast. Every morning it is a surprise what Diana is preparing for all guests. One day she makes a fried egg or a scrambled egg. The next day she makes fresh waffles with fruit and powdered sugar. The banana pancakes or pumpkin pancakes are scrumptious, not to mention the delicious cakes or homemade jam. Sometimes she makes fresh croissants or cooks an egg. Breakfast is served with great enthusiasm.


Stay without breakfast

Would you rather have breakfast outside? Of course, it is also possible to book your stay without breakfast. In that case you only book the room without breakfast.

But of course, you don't want to miss this delicious breakfast! You can have breakfast from 8 to 10 in the breakfast room under the palapa. Since Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao is a small-scale bed and breakfast in Curaçao, the breakfast room is cozy and pleasant. The breakfast room is in the tropical garden of the B&B. The ideal place to just wake up!



The five most beautiful beaches in the West of Curaçao according to B&B Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao

Curaçao has at least 37 beautiful beaches. If you are in Curaçao for a week or ten days, it is almost impossible to visit every beach in Curaçao. Therefore, Hibiscus Beach House makes it easy for you! In this blog you can read which beaches are the most fun to visit according to Hibiscus Beach House Curaçao!

1. Playa Porto Mari
Playa Porto Mari is our favorite beach. The beach is very beautiful because of the white sand and clear, blue water. On the beach is a company that offers diving facilities, so it is possible to dive here. Don't have a diving license? You can also snorkel at this beach! At the beach there is a restaurant and a bar. It is very nice to have a drink or something to eat. We really recommend this beach to visit!


2. Playa Cas Abao
The wide, spacious beach Cas Abao is definitely worth a visit! Most bays on Curaçao are situated between two rocks, making the beach sometimes a bit small. At Cas Abao this is not the case! The beach is very spacious. According to National Geographic, Cas Abao is the fourth most beautiful beach in the world. The beach is the perfect place for snorkeling or diving. At the beach is a restaurant that is open every day.

3. Grote Knip
The Grote Knip is a very popular beach for both tourists and locals. We understand why this is the case! The beach is a wide beach with white sand and clear blue water. Grote Knip is one of the few beaches where you do not have to pay an entrance fee. This makes it often very busy, so to get a spot on the beach you have to be there on time! Unfortunately the beach has no restaurant. There is a snack bar where you can buy some snacks.

4. Playa Lagun
Playa Lagun is a beautiful small fishing beach on Curaçao. The beach is situated between two rocks. The rocks provide an impressive underwater life. You can snorkel and dive here! Playa Lagun is therefore definitely in our top five most beautiful beaches in the west of Curaçao. On the rocks is a restaurant. You can eat here and have a drink. From the restaurant you have a nice view of the beautiful bay and the Caribbean Sea.


5. Playa Kalki
Playa Kalki is the westernmost beach in Curaçao. It is in our opinion one of the most picturesque beaches of Curaçao. Again, the water is clear blue. Because of the rocks you can do beautiful diving and snorkeling. At the resort of Kura Hulanda you can eat something or have a drink. At this beach there is no restaurant, but you can buy some food at the snack bar. The beach is slightly less easy to reach than the others. From the parking lot you first have to go down a steep staircase.

When you stay with us we just like to share all kinds of information about the beautiful island. We will give you all kinds of tips and share our experiences!


All about Willemstad

Willemstad is the capital of Curaçao and takes up a quarter of the island. In Willemstad live about 140,000 residents. If you're on Curaçao, it's worth a visit to the center of this colorful city! In this blog we tell you the best activities to do in Willemstad.


Restaurants in Willemstad

In Willemstad you can find many restaurants. The restaurants serve both local food and international food. Many restaurants are in Pietermaai, but there are also plenty of nice restaurants to find in Otrobanda or Punda!

Street Art

In the districts Scharloo, Punda and Otrobanda you will find the most beautiful Street Art of Curaçao. The houses and other buildings are beautifully painted by various artists. We recommend walking along the different murals. Want a little more background information about all the art? Then book a dushiwalk! The guide takes you to beautiful places in the neighborhoods and tells all kinds of interesting information about the artworks.


Queen Emma Bridge and the Handelskade

One of the most popular attractions of Curaçao is the Queen Emma Bridge. The Queen Emma Bridge is also called the pontoon bridge. It is the only floating wooden swing bridge in the world, which makes this bridge so unique!


The bridge connects the districts of Punda and Otrobanda with each other. When you walk on the Pontjesbrug you feel the movement and the waves of the water. From the Pontjesbrug you have a beautiful view of the Handelskade of Punda, the Brionplein of Otrobanda and the Riffort and Fort Amsterdam.

When a ship leaves or enters the harbor, the bells ring. This means that the bridge will open. This can take ten minutes, but it can also take 45 minutes. Fortunately, the ferry takes people from Punda to Otrobanda and vice versa for free.

When it begins to get dusk in Willemstad, the colored lights on the bridge turn on. The illuminated arches on the bridge make up 270 meters of LED strips. The arches constantly change color. A party to watch!

Stores In Punda you can find many stores where you can buy brand name clothing, but there are also local stores with local clothing. If you walk through the small streets of Punda, you will find some nice boutiques. There is something for everyone!

Also, at the Renaissance Mall and Rif Fort you can store well. In these places are many stores that sell brand clothing. The clothing is slightly more expensive, but the quality is very good!

Kura Hulanda Museum

The Kura Hulanda Museum is located at the port of Willemstad in Otrobanda. This is close to the center of Willemstad. The museum stands on the exact spot where Dutch entrepreneurs traded and shipped enslaved Africans along with other commercial goods.

The museum documents the history of slavery, West African empires, pre-Columbian gold and Antillean art. Very interesting to visit as far as we are concerned!